• Robert Kuwornoo

MANAGEMENT...& Automation

Wikipedia defines Automation as the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without human assistance. What does Automation mean to you and your business today, and how can it help?


In terms of management, as with most things in business, “time is money” and every minute lost to tasks that can otherwise be completed Automatically, literally means a deficit in revenue.

Think of tasks that are repetitive, or that need to be completed to a schedule, Running Reports, Emailing Reports, Sending Invoices, Chasing Unpaid Invoices, Sending Reminders, Chasing Updates, Time Sheets, Updating Data … and the list goes on. These tasks and many more can easily be automated to complete on their own at specified intervals, and progress updates emailed or sent to you via SMS text messaging. Through Automation, you can now go from spending a few hours a day running these tasks, to spending less than 5 minutes checking status updates on your mobile phone or email. How much is your hour worth?

Save time and money with an RDS automated solution. Give us a call today to see how automation can work for you.

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