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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) tools and bespoke software to automate and streamline your processes. Standardise ORDERS and INVOICES received to achieve greater synergies, efficiency and cost savings resulting in increased revenue.



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Solving complex manual processes with EDI tools and data transfer, RDS TO EDI is quickly becoming a favourite for connecting businesses, trading partners and resellers across the United Kingdom and Europe.

We've worked hard and listened to your needs and requirements. Here a some of the features that make RDS TO EDI a must-have when it comes to EDI alternatives.

multi-format conversion

RDS will convert any document including PDF, CSV, XLSX, HTML, XML as well as information contained within the Body of and Email.


RDS will perform a number of validations on the document including Invoice/Order Totals, Delivery Addresses and many more, ensuring accuracy, before an output is delivered to your internal systems.

multi-sourced data

RDS is able to aggregate data from multple sources or documents, into a single EDI document ready for processing.

speedy onboarding

With most of the major reseller formats already mapped across Europe and the United Kingdom, onboarding new setups or customers is a breeze taking on average less than 2 hours.

Supercharged processing

RDS was last timed to process and deliver documents at a rate of 100 documents in less than 60 seconds. Hold on to your hats folks!

customer support

If you are impressed by RDS so far, our brillaint support staff will blow you away with dedication, enthusiam and record ticket reponse and resolution times.

24/7 Processing

That’s right, processing your invoices and orders around the clock while you take a power nap!

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